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Matt John Evans

"Grade 10s Give A High Five to Arrive Alive"

by Kyle Schneider, Hanover Post.

Every year, approximately 3,000 teenagers die in drunk driving accidents. Friends lose friends, parents lose children, and people lose lives. Everyday, four Canadians are killed due to drunk driving, and 190 are injured. Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence; these numbers are not going down.

Friday afternoon, the John Diefenbaker Secondary School Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) group invited Matt John Evans, a motivational speaker from Owen Sound to their school to speak on behalf of OSAID to the Grade 10s. There, High Five To Arrive Alive was introduced as the school's newest campaign in order to keep impaired drivers off of the road.

Every Grade 10 who was present for the assembly put their handprint up on a piece of paper that said "High Five To Arrive Alive" after they took an oath, vowing never to drink and drive or get in a vehicle with an impaired driver behind the wheel. Matt John Evans was present for the High Five to Arrive Alive campaign unveiling and took a picture of the final result to show others.

Later on in the year, OSAID has many different events planned that will keep students involved and aware. April 5, they are taking part in the "Think Pink" day at JDSS by selling pink popsicles in order to raise money for their crash scene event in the middle of May.

In May, the plan is to have a staged two vehicle collision be put onto school property so students can see what could happen. The group is planning this before Victoria Day weekend so that students will think about the consequences of drinking and driving and hopefully apply what they've learned over the long weekend.

OSAID holds a conference every couple of years that the JDSS OSAID group is hoping to attend. Taking place May 10-13 in Oakville at Sheridan College, the conference will be held for four days. There are a series of motivational speakers, and activities taking place.

The final event being planned through OSAID for the school will happen in early June. A poster contest will be held for students to design an OSAID poster and have it hung up around the school for other students to see. The contest will go on for two weeks, long enough for students to design posters and submit them. The winner will win a gift certificate from a local business.

As High Five To Arrive Alive and OSAID kick off, there are seven students in the group, who are hoping to crusade many more volunteers, and make many more people aware of the dangers of impaired driving, not just with alcohol. The group realizes that Hanover may be small, but if they can impact at least three students, they'll be happy.


Matt is presently booking speaking engagements for the 2016 calendar year.  If you are a teacher, counsellor and affiliated with a youth organization who may benefit from hearing Matt's motivational talk - please contact him today for more details.  To send Matt a message, please use our online contact form and he will be in touch with you shortly.

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